I'm a Single-tasker +1 Year Anniversary

What's your story ?

Since I have two younger sisters, in a way I get to use their overly-excited joy and passion to remind me of all of the dreams I once had and things I wanted to accomplish in a 2 minute time-span as a child. Unlike my little sisters, I was a tad bit more on the calm side, but nonetheless I wanted to get into everything even if it was all in my head. It's still the same Today in some way except I'm a little more wiser to know that 2 minutes is not all that I need to get things done!

I am truly grateful because God has blessed me with a handful of gifts and talents and sometimes I'm just like, God, I mean one simple gift would have sufficed, but---again--- I am thankful that He saw me fit to utilize His specifically given gifts. One thing I have learned throughout the years though, is that I have a tendency to have this abundance of drive to go full throttle and live out each gift at the same time that it becomes unbearable and I eventually fall short and give up. On the flip side, most of my talents, that I am aware of, can work well together. So, it's possible to take devoted time for each to build on the skill and increase my ability to actually "own" it.

So with this, I also learned that because I may not have accomplished a particular goal in its entirety or made proper use of my gifts, doesn't mean that I should allow my past errors or tumbles to dictate where I am going in the future and whether or not my gifts will be used as a part of my calling. I truly believe that you can be an expert in one thing for a short period of time that is just a preparation used to lead you into a completely different expertise. Once it serves its purpose, you graduate.

As a result, I am a gradually becoming a Single-Tasker. Quick story. My teen years and most of my 20's, I have always been into celebrity gossip and blog sites about celebrities. One specifically was Necole Bitchie. I enjoyed her site because it wasn't about diminishing a person, but informing her audience of what's going on along with some positivity and inspirational stories. Skip a bit: I took a week away from writing on my blog for many reasons. One being, I started to feel that I wasn't writing from my heart anymore. I wanted to make sure my blog was serving a purpose rather than living the purpose. I can sometimes be a people pleaser, which is a good and bad thing, but I was concerned with more people reading my blog rather than just writing to the imaginary person that I wrote to 1 year ago. Speaking of, this blog is officially 1 year and 5 days old. (hOOOOray!) Attention deficiency kicked in* As a writer, you want to leave an impact but once you lose the impact that writing leaves on yourself, it no longer feels natural. I've had this experience before with my poetry and I didn't want to lose the love for blog writing as I had temporarily lost with Poetry.

So, switch back to Necole. I decided to check out her website that I hadn't been on in the longest of time and the latest post, July 2, was titled "It's time for me to move on" which struck an obvious light bulb that it was the end of her blog. I related to the post because she felt that her gift, her ability to write and provide celebrity news, had served its purpose. She wants to be used by God in a way to inspire women and be of encouragement, etc. So this reminded me of myself and my blog and why I started it and where I want it to go. I know that God has given each of us a gift.

Romans 12:6
In His grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well. So if God has given you the ability to prophesy, speak out with as much faith as God has given you.

When I do write on this blog, I feel as though God is using me and working through my words. His words are being placed in my tone of voice/writing. I still enjoy writing poetry and I believe that is a gift He will never take away from me. But, I believe that the holy spirit has prepped me for writing in a way that is bigger than me, bigger than poetry. I don't expect my blog to be huge or to be a life-long experience, but it's where my focus is at and what I believe deserves my attention. This past week has taught me a lot. My time with God has shown me who I am and also made me realize that I still have a lot to learn about myself. More importantly, that it is time to believe in what God says when He speaks. 

Being a Single-Tasker doesn't mean that you should be lazy and not be open to try different things. Always be willing to learn new and unusual paths. I personally choose this option based on my personality. The sky is limitless. 

With Love. 

Saphia Louise