What Is Really Important?


I have been getting into the feel of reading posts from other bloggers. I've realized that you can't have a blog and not be a part of the community.

So, I came across this blog, C'est Christine , and it has been so inspiring in more than a few areas. I saw a post from her that was titled: Making a list. I have a slight obsession with writing things down because 1. It makes it inevitable and 2. I am more likely to get it done, some day. So before looking at her list, I wanted to make one of my own and not be influenced by another individuals goals and dreams. Here is my 10-point list.

1.       I want to learn to genuinely embrace my gifts and talents and utilize them to the best of my ability. This means eliminating doubt, disbelief, laziness and discouragement.

2.    It is important to discover new things and constantly be willing to learn.

3.       The goal is to finish school in order to get a better job, but always keep in mind that a job will not always make me happy. Remember to do what I love when it's all said and done.

4.       Be open to change. Take up acting, dancing, improve, singing lessons, guitar lessons; do something different !

5.       If at first I do not succeed in doing something that I have been longing to do, keep trying until I succeed no matter how long it takes.

6.       Remember to enjoy the moment. Memories do not need to be captured with a camera and posted online in order to prove it was a great time. Sometimes, you just had to be there.

7.    Give generously and live simply. 

8.       Always be yourself. It's easy to compare my life to those around me, but there is only one me and I am on my own path.

9.       Document experiences using words. Be it your journal, your blog or random post-its around your house. Words are powerful.

10.   Never, ever, ever, ever lose faith in God and trust in His plan.

Welp, since I've been inspired. I'd like to know what your list would consist of! 10 is a bit high, so pick whatever number you please !

With Love

Saphia Louise