Uh, Where Did My Roof Go?

Not Under My Roof !

Ah! The semester is over, I am back. I took a quick, unexpected, break from writing to get my study on, get my brain in order and you know, stuff. I've got so much planned for my blog that I just become much more excited every day. I finally printed up a Blog Planning Notebook, which I highly recommend to new, and those who want to be improved, bloggers. For now, I am sharing something that was on my mind. 

Imagine a  world with no rules, no limitations, no laws, no borderlines, just complete freedom. I think it most occurs when you're a teenager and your greatest goal is to have freedom. To be uncontrolled and do whatever you please. Reality hits and you become older and realize, this life is not that free. There are more rules than the ones my mother set in the home. I actually can't just do what I want. People still tell me what to do?

Yes, Oh reality how we love you!

I sat here behind my desk at work and thought, where is the structure that limits me?

Where Is The Roof?

I remember as a teenager, I used to meditate and desire the moment that I would no longer hear my mother say, "not under my roof!!" I anticipated the day that I would have my own roof; my own laws and rules and the not so much-limits.

Sometimes we forget that we can create our own roof. It doesn't have to take us being under a new roof physically, but create an atmosphere of dreams, desires, wants, needs. We shouldn't give the privilege to our circumstances; they may be doing everything in power to prohibit us from growing and reaching our true potential. What do you want under your roof? Speak it into existence and watch it happen.
Saphia Louise