New York: On The West Side

Being a tourist in your own city: Exploring New York's Art Galleries

Is it finally, finally over? I give myself a pat on the back because it was a tough semester as far as the commute, the hours and working at the same time. I've been wanting to dip my little fingertips into so much, but I guess you can say that I've been making excuses and lacking the sufficient time to really do things. 

I came across this app called "Fever". Ironically, I saw it posted as one of those "suggested apps" on Facebook a while back and usually I steer away from those traps because I think most of it is scam. You ever click one of the clothing links and saw the most amazing items, with prices that make your mouth water, yet as soon as you go to that shopping cart it says shipping and handling $100+. Yeah, not today! Fever is a step and a jump away from that. It shows you all of the cool things to do in your neighborhood, whether it be free or a set price. To be honest, I am on a tight budget that I am constantly fighting with so my eyes are automatically drawn to the free options.

I was intrigued by this one exhibit that was on the app called "The Luminous Poem".

It was at the Bryce Wolkowitz gallery on West 24th street in Manhattan and aside from Saturday being the last day of that particular exhibit, the idea of a virtual book and poetry really caught my attention. It was actually engaging because in one room, the books had this luminous glow to it, but once you walked into the main room there was a large "book" that the viewer could walk into.

this view is where you were able to walk into the book

before entering the main room

It kinda gave the feel of your life, your story and wherever your imagination led you; an incomplete story because the insides were empty, but given the option to allow your imagination to fill them up. I stood inside of the book for a bit, but then I just wanted to admire the classical poetry that was being projected onto the walls.

I had intentions to go to a street fair afterwards, but that quickly changed once I walked outside. I saw that there was another gallery, that was also FREE ! I got excited, a little too excited. All in all, I visited 11 galleries that day. Yes, they were all free. Some were interactive, some filled with paintings/art and others were structures made from the most bizarre pieces. I found a lot of favorites there and the great part is that the exhibits are constantly changing.

Maybe one week you may go, and two or three weeks from then the gallery will have an entirely different display. The point is, they're all free and it's constantly changing. If I could mention any favorites, it would be hard. But to list a few:

Lyons Wier Gallery
This gallery was very small and intimate and had work by Stephanie Hirsch. I really, really liked this because it was based on "Awakening". Using beads, sequins and embroidery, she showcased her personal journey through butterflies. The phrases are what I enjoyed the most.

Metro Pictures June 4-July 31
This gallery was just...something else! The artist has a very creative mind and you will be in there for some time just looking at all of the details of things.

Jessica Jackson Hutchins: I do choose ended*
This was also a unique exhibit. You will see on my vlog that her work is rather different. She explores the intimacy of the mutual existence between art and life. Pretty dope.

via Highline

Chelsea Piers Park (perfect for picnics and beautiful doggies)

Others that I visited were Jack Shainman gallery, Mike Weiss Gallery, Andrea Rosen Gallery, Matthew Marks and so many more. Honestly, you just have to go check them out.

Whether you're going with a group of friends, a significant other or, like myself, alone, you will thoroughly enjoy every moment. To top it off, swing by the Highline park which is a block or two away. The area is filled with galleries and museums, so you will have a nice afternoon well spent.

I absolutely loved this one. Each saying on the T-shirt were affirmations that we all need to constantly repeat to ourselves.

And so, I finally purchased a new camera that is appropriate for vlogging, so check out my day in the city ! Vlog life is BACK! 


Saphia Louise