Making My Way Around Town

This past weekend was especially fun! 
            Well, my weekend technically began on Thursday when I went to the Yankees game. It was my very first game and my boyfriend wanted to surprise me. He did actually, but had to ruin his surprise once I asked what type of date night were we having. Sneakers and jeans or nah? 

Majority of my family members are baseball fans, especially Yankees. I have always been the one who would just run around the house blowing my horns during the World Series because it was the fun thing to do. I like playing baseball, even though I have not one ounce of skill, but as far as watching, I've never really done it. But in person, it was definitely awesome. Plus, they won!

Going To The Fair

I went with some friends and my little sister to the Meadowlands Fair in New Jersey. It was extremely crowded, but we had a good time. I went on a few rides, but the best one was the Zipper. I was definitely not expecting the thrill and adrenaline that I experienced on that ride. Perfect start to summer! I am all about adventure !

I was so close! I watched the guys technique and had it until my friend fell and it was like a ripple effect. Blah

Then, Saturday was a crazy busy day for me. I have never been to a tea party and my friend had her 25th birthday brunch. It was so well put together and adorable!

Every week, Bryant Park and so many other parks in New York, take part in the Summer Film Festival. Hundreds of people on one lawn, watching a classic movie shown on the big screen. We watched Ghostbusters !

Henry David Thoreau: "How vain to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live." 

With Love

Saphia Louise