Open Up & Let It Out

This is just a random blog post full of thoughts because I realize that I hadn't posted for the week. Sometimes, my mind is just full of so much, yet all I can draw up is a blank. Life.

I went to church on Friday for the Young Adults MVMNT meeting. Side note: If you live in the New York area, or are familiar with Brooklyn and can access Brooklyn Tabernacle Church, I suggest you clear your schedule for Friday April 17 at 7PM. An AMAZING experience that you do not want to miss.


Okay, carrying on. I saw a friend at church as I was waiting on the line before they let us in. He asked how I was and I let out a deep sigh and said “I’m good!” he said, why do people do that? I replied "What, say they're good when in reality they're hiding how they really feel but in order to avoid getting into that we just say good?” To be honest, I'm not too sure he heard my little rant, but he replied, “No, let out that sigh right after asked how you're doing.” I just smiled and returned the question. He said, “I’m stressed to be honest.” He went on about how and why he was stressed. 

Initially, I wanted to say the typical, "don't worry, pray more" phrase to him, but I didn't. The more I heard him reveal why he was stressed and the obstacles in his life, it made me think. Why is it that I responded that I am good when in reality, I am good but there's some things that maybe I can release as I express it to another person. I am normally the person who listens to what is going on with another persons life. I guess that's why he felt the comfort to reveal to me what was going on in his life and causing stress. I guess that's also why I turn to writing. Aside from my blog, I try my best to write in my journal as often as I used to; which was daily. I admired his transparency and vulnerability.

Sometimes, we hold things in because we might believe that the other person may not be interested in what you have to say. I can name on one hand the amount of people, whether family or friends or relationships, that I can talk to and feel as though they are actually listening. It's definitely not a great feeling when you talk to someone and they either don't respond to what you say, or they find a way to switch it around and let it revolve around them. Yeah, those people we should all pray for. Another reason we may hold our issues in is because of fear of judgment. It took a friend whom I don't speak to outside of church to unveil my eyes. Someone who reminded me unknowingly that it's okay to say you're not good. It's okay to be transparent and express what's really going one. I believe that by doing this, after expressing yourself you may see the good in things that you might have not seen before and also you might be helping out someone else, like what happened today.

I'll end this by saying this: Be very careful who you decide to open up to, but also pay attention to when someone is in need of your story. Make the best out of your situations. 

Saphia Louise