The Set Up - Uh- Oh !

How'd you get to be so saaa-weeeet !

Remaining Holy-Saved-Christ Like in The Work Place

This is a major set up… Another one of your conspiracies huh, God?

For me, if there is any trait that I can say that I've inherited from my mother, it's being an outspoken individual.

Growing up, it was extremely hard for me to hold my tongue and not to express my feelings. There's a great chance that I lost friends or at least distanced myself from them because I was convinced "they can't handle my straight-forward, realness". Though that's partially true, it was very ill-mannered for me to think that way. 

In school, especially high school, I was always the student who just HAD to have something to say. Not all of the time, but when it happened, it left an impact. I will never forget my argument with my earth science teacher. Sometimes people who are on a different level than you, they may have more authority, tend to take advantage of that aspect. I always reminded myself that you may be on a different level to the world, but to me, you are as human as I am. One day I was with two other friends and a fight broke out in the hallway. Mind you, I don't like to watch people fight. It makes me cringe and I just wonder what's the point. However, this fight was escalating and growing in our direction and long story short, it made us late for class. An even longer story short, my teacher decided to yell at us for being a few minutes late after we informed her of the reason why. She still wanted to be (excuse me for saying this because we made up at the end of the semester) ratchet. Lord, have mercy on her. So, I guess in return I gave her a  taste of her own medicine and with all that I said the one thing that stood out to her and all of my classmates was "You're really not even a good teacher!"  So from that day on, whenever someone got into something with her, they would always say "Saphia was right, you're really a bad teacher!" Can I live when I'm trying to live?

I've grown a lot. Of course, I am not even close to perfect and still have my outspoken tendencies, but I can sit back and look at my past and see for myself that I have changed. Why? When? How? Well if I'm honest, I got older and a little more mature and realized that most debates aren't worth my time and then mainly because I re-gave my life, officially, to Christ.

So, that leads me to the point of this post. On March 25, 2015, I realized that since I moved back home to my mothers house, I started to get ticked off a little bit more because of the environment. I have younger sisters who aren't the most princesses of the princesses; if you catch my drift, but I love them oh so much. As I was on my way to work, mind you, this was yesterday, I spoke to God. I said Lord, help me. I asked God for peace within my soul, for greater understanding in myself and in people. I also said help me to be more peaceful and kind and not to allow people to trigger a part of me that once was. Well, don't you know that when God listens, He LISTENS.

Current day: March 26. But God...
I work as a receptionist at a law firm, but due to the lack of duties that job holds, I requested more tasks. I basically became an assistant for someone that is located in a different office. I draft things for her, do billing, etc. One day she said something to me that made me feel as though she was belittling my intelligence. Without getting into details, I felt myself disliking her. Moving on, Today was a new day. A new challenge. I spoke to God about this before it happened. Now after her realizing a month later that I made a mistake on a document, she began to scold me on the phone in a way that was unacceptable to me. Before she called me, I was notified by a co-worker that she was trying to contact me and because of my experience with her, I decided to make the corrections as opposed to speaking to her. But the enemy tries hard. So, she calls me back. Stating that she hadn't realized the mistake (literally 1 month ago, Feb 26) and that now she has to re-send the documents, etc etc. I should pay more attention in the future(mind you, she is supposed to go over things before printing and placing in an envelope and mailing it to clients). So, by this time I fixed everything and she pointed out another error, which was non-existent. I said okay and let her do the rest. 

A second phone call. This time, I called her. I questioned what the new error was that I had done because I like to see where I make mistakes so that I can improve next time. There was nothing there. So again, she began to speak to me as if I was her child. I have never met the woman in my life so I felt a little offended. Before getting off the phone with the woman, I said to her " Usually whenever I send something over to you, I know that you check it and let me know." She goes "Oohhhh My God. Ooooh My God! We are not going to do this." I said you know what, okay, bye.

I guess I am having a little venting session because this was not where I wanted this blog post to go but, hey, it's a lifestyle blog and I'm just being honest.

Once I hung up the phone, I had a moment where I just realized that this was what I asked for. This was a test that God placed in my path after asking for peace and for me to be kind to people. My initial reaction was to renege. To speak to the "higher authority" that I would like to withdraw from helping her out because I don't feel as though this woman respects me. Instead, I said to myself, I know someone who is higher than any authority in this place. My God. I just asked God for strength and no more than 5 minutes later this same woman sent me an email that was in good faith. 

This situation made me think about being a Christian in this world, particularly the work place. Temptation is something that I struggle with in a few different areas, but dealing with the enemy working through people is another thing. Do you become a weak person because you want to portray the image of Christ to those who may be non-believers? Do you stand firm for what you believe in, no matter if it gets you out of character? Just because you are in the work-place or any public area, do you have to appear as an ethereal illusion ? Basically, do you draw a line or is there even a line ? Sometimes I feel that people who are non-believers expect you to be perfect when they know that you are a "Christian". It also pushes them to test your patience more. I can confirm that I am not perfect. I have good days and bad. I can be happy and I may also have an attitude. 

John 14:27:
"Peace I leave with you. my peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Your heart must not be troubled or fearful" 
This verse is not saying that all will be perfect and that God will take away any of the stress and offenses that this world may bring your way, because they will come. God is reminding you that He leaves peace with you, don't allow anyone or anything in this world take away your peace.

So, yes, you can remain "holy-saved-Christ Like" in the work place and anywhere else. Just, simply don't allow anyone to take away the God in you. At the same time, stand for what you believe in.

When someone attempts to upset you, do everything in your favor to make them smile.

That's all for this vent. 

Saphia Louise