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When a New Year comes around, I believe that we tend to get antsy, excited, or determined. Well, I personally gave up on setting "New Year Resolutions". I always felt that I wouldn't stick to it because I tend to forget.

This year coming, I think that I will make one. To wake up every day and Be Awesome !

I finally was able to record my first DIY video. Technically second because of my Ugly Christmas Sweater video, which I might still post (next year). It was a very quick and easy DIY project that involved very little items needed.

I feel the urge to create another one sooner than later. "Don't Worry Be Happy". 

Wake Up and Be Awesome

5 Ways To Wake Up & Be Awesome
1. Be HAPPY about waking up. Granted, many of us wake up and either hit snooze 1000 times or jump out of bed because we're running late. We may not realize that this thing called Life is not guaranteed. Waking up and realizing that will change your outlook on your day.

2. Set goals for the day, but remember that it's possible that you will not complete them all. So, with that being said, do not become upset with yourself if you haven't achieved your goal.

3. Let your good deeds shine so others will be drawn to your positivity and somehow let it be contagious so that they may pass it on to others.

4. Don't hold grudges or judge anyone. Especially if you yourself are not perfect.

5. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. No matter what you do, believe that you CAN do it. If you fall once, get back up--Fall again, just keep picking yourself up. Eventually you will become so strong that if you're about to fall again, you're prepared to pick it back up. Believe in yourself, please.
Saphia Louise