Passionate Love- Poem

Sometimes I find myself longing for lines to fill with words of Poetry and yearning for inspiration. I believe that it's best when you don't seek it, but rather when it comes your way.

So, BAEwc did it again. The surprise continues and he sent flowers to my job Today. I truly was surprised again.
Red Rose: Passionate Love.

I want to grow a garden of roses
to represent the reasons
why I Love You
but there would never be
enough soil to hold
the love that grows 
within us
I want to look out into the world
and see rays of sun
bouncing off from you
because your light is so radiant
I can barely see beyond 
the exhibit that God 
so perfectly crafted 
which was you
An imperfect perfection
is what you are
created just for me
and I
I want to grow a garden of Love
carefully planting each piece
of my heart that you
so humbly take away
that has been through 
worst of times
the heart aches
and needs for escape
only to be replaced
by true love
unimaginable love
a garden so enormous
the hand of God could only
guide the performance
of growth
I want to grow a garden of assurance
relieving any illusion of doubt
because God gave me 
to turn my life around
I want you to understand
just exactly
how you make me feel
strolling along this utopia 
still, it's a fitting reality
our reality
When we get caught up in
this world 
I want to grow a garden of dreams
where it's only you,
with me and
thoughts of one another 
form our perfect chemistry
I want to grow a garden of faith
a constant reliance
on the one who waters our love
the one who guides our love
the one who directed our love
a garden that's full of everything
revolving around the man
up above
I want to grow a garden of eternity
Forever existing
in the space of tie
intertwined by vines
pulling us closer together
In this ethereal beauty of love
I want to grow with you
to plant your love
in my garden of hopes and dreams
Until we've grown to be
so complete
that you plus me
equals an everlasting We
and then, we will
continue to grow

by Saphia Louise

Saphia Louise