I'm Nothing Without You.- Poetry


One foot against the gas
Other outside the door
Decisions of speeding away quickly
Put the pedal to the floor
But I'm
Halfway in
What's the sense if I run
Lord knows it took me a lifetime
To see what I've become
So I 
Know it won't be easy
Jesus yelling, You know you need me!
I was rejecting His voice
I wish you'd leave me!
Is how I felt after
When he said you've made your choice
Because it was my own free will
and His I wanted to void
I faintly heard his voice
Telling me
But I grew angry
I became frustrated
What did I need to hear? I was angry with God
But what did I fear? 
I disputed giving my all
To someone who was barely near
But suddenly now
My life is filled with light
I took time to discard my own thoughts
Because God is greater
than any human being
Though it took me time to realize
that was also including Me.

By Saphia Louise