Poetry: I Do


Suddenly life seems great
I mean
God was serving me meals
But now there's dessert on my plate
You're my sweet escape
Trying to figure out
How I realized so late
But I'm not questioning God's timing
And to be quite honest
I'm relieved
Because there was a side of me
You probably should not have seen
So God had to intervene like
Let me fix this girl
Let me change her world
Let me show her what's wrong
So she will know what's right
Let me prove to her
That I can guide her life
And guide it right so
I'm grateful
I'll be forever faithful
So I'm staring at this dessert
That The Lord placed on my table
Do I love it
Do I love it
Do I really
Really love it....
I Do

by Saphia Louise
Saphia Louise