Him and I....

July 21, 2014

My mother and I standing by the dock before going in to the restaurant. I love her to death. My prayer is that she will become a better woman each day and give her life to Christ. I know that she believes in God, but I know how powerful He is and mighty, and the day that she realizes and sees that, life will be set !

Prayer for Growth and that God may continue to be the center of our relationship. 

The entire Saturday was a beautiful day. Jonathan and I went to a Community Day event for his old church where he performed a few tracks from his latest EP "I Was.." He is such an awesome artist, lyricist and performer; it's so inspiring to watch him and see how dedicated he is with spreading the message God places upon him as he writes. Afterwards, we went to a softball game. It's strange how we've known one another for so long, have been hanging out these past few months and now officially dating, that when we hang out for what could be 2 hours to 12 hours, I am not bothered by his presence. Saphia, you are growing up, girl! The softball game was pretty cool.

After watching the guys play, I suddenly wanted to form an all-girls softball team ! That would be different.  To end the night, we went to this beautiful restaurant, The Chart House, which is photographed above. It was everything. The food was just...mm! They had oysters, so you know I was about that life !! Mommy was "sea sick" even though we were not on a boat. Lordy, the woman is hilarious.

 I'm taken aback by how amazing God is for sending me someone to make my days happier (though I am in control of my own happiness, it's great to have an addition who wants nothing but for you to be happy). His intention before he and I officially dating was to take my mother out and ask for her approval. Little did we know, God approved of us before anyone and we made it official before hand. But, he still asked for her blessings which I absolutely loved !

Sidenote: I just thought these napkins were pretty cool. I mean, they're napkins but they're so fancy looking that I wouldn't even want to use them...but I did, and yes! they are as soft as they look.
Saphia Louise