A bubbly, 20-something year old with a passion for love, encouraging faith and indulging in consistent self-love.

I’m Saphia Lousie!

A writer, published poet, photographer—and a wanderlust who seeks to fill the voids of life through culture and travel. At times, you’ll find me trying to hide my tears while watching a romantic-comedy, yet attempting to reclaim my title of being about that ‘thug life.’

When I’m not doing either, I’m usually caught up in a good book, jamming to a playlist of old school R&B and more times than I should, casually saying “hey, google” to my new fave gadget.

I’m from New York City; the place where dreams come true—-or, where you get completely comfortable in a space that is moving so fast around you and the idea of starting towards your dream is the scariest thought ever.

I get it. We’re all equipped with a greatness to be better and do better. That’s why I’m here. And, well, hopefully that’s why you’re here, too! Let’s practice loving ourselves more, nurturing our minds and ultimately, living out loud.


Trust In: FAITH

Seek Adventure: TRAVEL