Saphia Louise

When Saphia was young, she wrote a poem and shared it with her mother. A poem that was inspired simply by her imagination. From the feedback she received as her mother read the poem, it completely changed her outlook on writing. This allowed Saphia to feel a sense of control in this area, to say the least.

Writing is something that remained a part of Saphia's life. From short stories to poetry---and incorporating it in other creative ways. Starting a blog has always been on her list. With a few attempts in the past, each experience has led her to creating and managing Life With Saph.

The goal of this site is to share her experience in life, to empower other young adults to travel and to live their life rather than to exist and to influence a culture of love through her faith in Jesus.


Based out of New York, Saphia will take you on her journey as she discovers her true self, indulges in self-care and provides you with tips and love all throughout.

No need to go into any further details, you'll learn more about Saphia and the world as she knows and sees it as you read.