Saphia Louise

Once upon a time, I wrote a short poem that was completely fiction, and believable, when I was in my pre-teen years. It was then, in that moment, that I knew: I Am A Creative, Talented, Writer. . . Or, just really good at making stuff up. Either or.

My name is Saphia. It's pronounce Saa-Fee-Yuh. Not Suh-Fee-Yuh. Often confused. I'm in my late twenties(eeek!) and still figuring life out.

My goal with my Life With Saph is to be transparent and real with my readers. Also, to show that life can be perfect, great, sad, hard, difficult and so much more, but as long as we remember to breathe--we're doing the right thing & we've got it all under control.

Life With Saph is designed to motivate, encourage, lend a listening ear, share wisdom and lead others to live their best life while I share my best life with you.


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Thing I Love ... & Want to Share With You

(In No Particular Order)





Crafting D.I.Y Projects

Exploring cities/countries

Green tea




Vintage clothing

This is my world and I hope to provide you with ideas, inspiration and a boost of confidence. I like to share my faith, natural hair tips, travel stories and more!


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Thanks so much for reading! Learn more about me through my writings.