The Stories

Did You Really Think Your Way Was The Only Way?

"For God said, if they face wars they might change their mind."

Enjoy The Steps You Take in Life

God: Enjoy the steps that you take
Me: Right, I know, I get it. Enjoy every moment of life
God: *blank stare moment*
Me: But, it's taking forever and I get so anxious 
God: And that's exactly what we need to work on

Marching into The Springs of March

Can you believe it's already March? This just excites me and raves up my anxiety at the same time because my birthday is near, obviously!

4 Places to Find Inspiration

Have you ever just walked through a park and simply taken in how much beauty this earth carries? 

Getting Unstuck: Release Yourself From the Limitations

Remember that old Lil Wayne Song, Comfortable? It had a line in the song that went like "Don't you ever get too comfortable."

The Story of The Student & The Teacher

"Those who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do." -Steve Jobs

5 Ways To Make Mornings Turn into Awesome Days

Is it me, or do you just sometimes wake up on the wrong side of the (energy) bed? 

2017 Book Challenge Accepted

5 Thing I've Learned in 2016

I love to reflect on things and from that I learn how and where I can grow. Life is a constant roller-coaster of failures and improvement.

4 Ways To Love Better + Bible Verses About Love

Sometimes we decide to get into a relationship out of loneliness and in the midst of that relationship, we forget how to love.