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The Story of The Student & The Teacher

"Those who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do." -Steve Jobs

5 Ways To Make Mornings Turn into Awesome Days

Is it me, or do you just sometimes wake up on the wrong side of the (energy) bed? 

2017 Book Challenge Accepted

5 Thing I've Learned in 2016

I love to reflect on things and from that I learn how and where I can grow. Life is a constant roller-coaster of failures and improvement.

4 Ways To Love Better + Bible Verses About Love

Sometimes we decide to get into a relationship out of loneliness and in the midst of that relationship, we forget how to love. 

What's Up With Acupuncture? + How Can it Benefit Me ?

I'll admit that I never really put much thought and research into acupuncture. It was always something that I wanted to try out, but never took action.

What Is Your Monthly Goal? + Happy New Year

As the new year hits, we all seem to have "New Year Resolutions." Changes that we want to take place within ourselves and our environment.

Book Club Series: The Alchemist

I've heard about this book for so many years. For some reason, I never actually picked it up to read it. Luckily, it was lent to me for my trip to Thailand. 

The Bests of Thailand As A Solo Female Traveler

Thailand is as great as it appears to be. 

Why I Decided To Travel Solo To Thailand

Something that will always be on my bucket list, is to travel the world. To be able to explore the different cultures, soak up the sun from all parts of the earth, meet people and just enjoy God's creation all around.